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About the Knowledgebase

This collaborative document is meant to aid students in the Building Virtual Worlds class, though it is also accessible to the public. The goal is to capture the collected knowledge of BVW classes past and present and build upon it in a structured way -- as the class evolves we will need to continually revise, trim, and expand this wiki to reflect new changes.

For more information on collaborative documentation efforts such as this, check out this article -- How (and why) to write a Company Bible | Theater for the Future

How to use the Knowledgebase

The BVW Knowledgebase acts like a semi-restricted wiki -- the infomration in the knowledgebase is viewable by anyone, and people involved with BVW can log in to contribute or modify content. Changes are tracked, so if important information is written over it's possible to go back to an earlier state of the page. Students and TAs should feel free to experiment with adding and editing pages to get comfortable with using the wiki. Ask the Head TAs or webmaster for help if you run into trouble or need a hand getting started.

Try to write clearly and concisely and provide information that is complete as far as it is pertinent to BVW.

Use the formatting options to create headers, italic text, bold text, lists, etc, to improve appearance and readability. See the Markdown documentation for more information about the formatting options.